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00:02:20 ROT8
Thunder Tiger Raptor 30
00:41:00 R/C Basics: Hover, MHT
00:43:00 hotSHOTS
Pulse-jet, Gone Fishin'
00:58:00 Sullivan Products, Hangar 9 Ultra Stick
01:00:00 workBENCH
Flaps & Retracts
01:10:00 RCM, DuBro
01:11:00 aboutENGINES
Raytek MT-4, TNC Sensi-Tach PT10S, Slimline 2102 S G-23 smoke, OS Max 46FX, Saturn Plasma, PSPEC Ultrathrust tuned muffler, Sullivan Head Lite
01:40:00 Airborne Models, JR XP652
01:41:00 workBENCH
J-3 Panel & Pilots
01:43:00 workBENCH
Silky Wind
01:57:00 newPRODUCTS
Neat stuff!
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ROT8: At just over 6 pounds - easily the lightest of the 30-class helicopters, Thunder Tiger's incredibly agile Raptor 30 ARF owes its extreme performance to several factors. These include the smooth and powerful PRO-36H ABC engine, the "60-class feel", the 49 ball-bearing precision, and the design - by first F3C World Champ, Shigetada Taya. An unbeatable power-to-weight ratio!

Starting pulse jet

hotSHOTS: A model equipped with a pulse-jet similar to that used by Germany's feared V-1 Buzz Bomb and fishin' - with an R/C helicopter!

workBENCH: B-17 . . . split-flaps, servo amplifier, & Robart's retracts!

Comparing with Slimline's smoke muffler

aboutENGINES: Tools in use! Raytek's MiniTemp MT-4, TNC's SensiTach PT10S, Slimline's 2102S Pitt's-style G-23 smoke muffler, and Sullivan's innovative Head Lite. Then, OS Max's 46FX is tops, but can it be improved? We add Saturn's trick plasma liner and piston and Performance Specialties' awesome Ultra Thrust tuned pipe!

workBENCH: Add an instrument panel and pilots to Hangar 9's J-3.

workBENCH: Need a change of pace? KSJ's sophisticated 400-class electric powered Silky Wind has a heart-stopping nostalgic look that has everybody at the field asking for a turn at the sticks.

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