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00:01:30 Ace Hobby
00:09:30 aboutENGINES
Wolf Predator 1.8
00:17:00 Dave Brown Products
00:21:00 workBENCH
B-17 - Cap strips
00:30:00 workBENCH
CAP 232 - Servos
00:40:30 Sullivan Products
00:43:30 HUI Robbe
00:46:30 Du-Bro Products
00:49:30 workBENCH
CAP 232 - Mounts
00:53:30 AirBorne Models
00:57:00 Robart Manufacturing 01:01:30 Megatech
01:04:30 workBENCH
CAP 232 - Cowl
01:14:00 Horizon Hobby
01:20:30 workBENCH
CAP 232 - Flying
01:27:00 Hitech RCD
01:32:30 ROT8
Ergo 50 TYPE2 CCPM
01:37:00 aboutENGINES
OS max 50 SX-H
01:52:00 BK Precision
01:53:30 SIG Manufacturing
01:57:00 newPRODUCTS
R/C Rascal
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See pick-of-the-litter stuff at Chicago's National Model and Hobby Show! Top manufacturers like Thunder Tiger, Dave Brown, Sullivan, HUI Robbe, Hitech RCD, Du-Bro, World Models, Robart, Megatech, Hangar 9, Saito, JR, and Sig display their latest!

Fitting the cowl on World Models CAP 232

A clear plastic 3D templates ensures a perfect cowl - the sign of an expert! World Models' CAP 232 is a 120-size 73" IMAC-class acrobat - in the right hands, she'll do anything in the book! But we want help to learn freesytle, so it's high HP and high tech to the rescue! First, totally hidden under the cowl is Wolf's 1.8 Predator turning an 18x8 hunk of wood at 8250 RPM. What's best, the beast can be converted to gasoline while at the field - in minutes! Then, packing the new class of Futaba digital servos and Hobbico and FMA piezo-crystal gyros on roll, pitch, and yaw means that we have the perfect tool to help us learn to hover and perform torque rolls . . . us, cheat? Never!
Comparing with Slimline's smoke muffler

In ROT8 it's a scale helicopter! We look at JR's Ergo 50 TYPE2 CCPM controlled helicopter clothed in a lovely Robinson R22 fuselage. We power it with an OS Max 50 SX-H ringed engine, and use JR's XP652. Along the way, we evaluate BK Precision's Model 732 Digital Sound Level Meter. It's an affordable, laboratory quality tool every club needs! How loud is it?

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