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00:05:00 innerVIEW
Full Scale Ryan STA
00:17:00 workBENCH
B-17 Fiberglass Tailcones
00:35:00 workBENCH
Building from Plans
00:43:00 ROT8
Ergo 50 CCPM
01:07:00 workBENCH
Funtec Sky Scooter Pro
01:13:30 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
Annual Preflight
01:20:00 workBENCH
Sig Rascal
01:xx:00 talkRADIO
Hitec Focus 3 SS FM
01:31:00 aboutENGINES
SuperTigre G2300
01:40:30 workBENCH
Great Planes Ryan STA
01:57:00 newPRODUCTS
JR DS-368 digital mini servo
Saito FA-90R3
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innerVIEW: What if your heart's set on a polished-aluminum Ryan STA and there isn't one for sale? Easy, you build it yourself - from plans. Over 6 years in the making, and sharing our cover, the world's only replica is a special treat!

Making a fiberglass cowl

workBENCH: Learn to make parts out of fiberglass. It's how expert modelers make fairings and cowls - especially when it's a B-17 and you need 4 cowls!
workBENCH: When you can't buy a kit, you build from plans - but what do the lines mean? We show you!
ROT8: Clothed in a Robinson R22 fuselage means the hot-rod JR Ergo 50 is a wolf in sheep's clothing, but JR's digital servos make it a new game!
workBENCH: A great park flyer, and made of nearly indestructible EPP foam, Funtec's jet-like Sky Scooter Pro is easy to customize with spray paint!
Tips, Tricks, & Secrets: See the crash Du-Bro's fuel barbs would have prevented and learn annual pre-flight secrets.
The Rascal in flight

workBENCH: Featuring a 400-class geared motor, Sig's Rascal is a genuine sweetheart!
talkRADIO: Hitec's Focus 3 SS
aboutENGINES: Muffled by a Pitts-style Slimline muffler, SuperTigre's G2300 cranks an 18x8 - monster torque!
workBENCH: The fabulous Great Planes Ryan STA on the cover is an ARF. We show you how to add flaps!
newPRODUCTS: JR's DS-368 digital micro servo and Saito's FA-90R2 radial!

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