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R/C Basics: Hover - Flight Training Video
Learn to Set-Up & Hover R/C Helicopters

2 hours, VHS, $19.99 (plus $3.95 S/H)

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The funny thing about an R/C helicopter is flight usually begins and ends in a hover, so from the first terror-stricken moments of advancing the collective, you're on your own. Fear not, if a duffer like me can learn, so can you - and this video can help!
      - John Beech

R/C helicopters look like fun, but you've heard they're hard to set-up and fly - and with all those linkages, they look really complicated. Not to worry, here are both workbench and flying field tips to help you - it's easier than you think!

First up are things a more experienced modeler will look for in a helicopter assembled by a newcomer. These include the direction the servos move, subtrim, travel adjustment, and the linkages - especially those linkages! Then there's ball link sizing, main blade pitch-range, and gyroscope setups. Next we discuss flight modes like Normal, Stunt (or Idle Up), and Hold (for autorotations). Approached one at a time, step-by-step, helicopter set-up is demystified!

To help ensure success, there's a review of tools, fuel, and field equipment like starter, battery, field-charger, and which spare parts to have on hand!

Then we go to the field to learn both basic and advanced hovering techniques. Begin with pre-flight procedures - to include a safety check, frequency control, and range check. We even show how to track the blades. Next, it's training aids like training gear, a flight simulator, and how to set-up a buddy-box.

Interspersed with full-scale footage of a Robinson R-22 performing many of the same lessons, we demonstrate basic hovering tips that range from getting the model light on the skids, through extended in-place hovering - much as full-scale helicopter pilots learn! Finally, advanced hovering progresses to the dreaded nose-in.

Presented in a manner designed to apply to all collective pitch R/C helicopters, the model featured first is Kyosho's neat Nexus 30. Of course, sometimes it helps to see things done more than one way, so next we set-up Century's fabulous Falcon 46. Then, we show you a 3D set-up using Thunder Tiger's radical Raptor 30 - along with a neat hover-game for sharpening your new skills! Then, addressing the question of learning while using a scale helicopter, you'll discover you "can" as we show the secrets of the technically-elegant CCPM set-up using JR's exciting Ergo 46 while clothed in a remarkable Robinson R-22 fuselage! Finally, we explore the future as we present Mikado's lovely Logo 20 - a 46-size electric helicopter with astonishing performance!

Seeing more than one helicopter being set-up reinforces the basic procedures to be followed. Featured are popular 6-channel computer-transmitters from both Futaba and JR - including a fully-symetrical 3D set-up with V-shaped throttle-curve and CSM's heading-lock gyros!

That's not all, the heart of a chopper is the engine, so we also detail how to break-in the smooth and powerful OS Max 50SX-H ringed engine. Go to the field prepared - secure in the knowledge your helicopter, radio, and engine are properly set-up!

Interspersed with tips and sage advice, you'll find setting-up and hovering isn't as hard as it's made out to be. Before you know it, you'll be flying an R/C model helicopter too!

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