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00:02:15 upDRAFT
00:23:00 Du-Bro, JR XP652
00:24:00 workBENCH
How-to spray paint
00:33:00 The World Models, Sullivan Products
00:34:30 workBENCH
Night flight
00:49:30 RCM, Hangar 9 Ultra Stick
00:51:30 workBENCH
01:15:00 flightSCIENCE
01:16:30 Get 'em, MHT
01:18:00 ROT8
Autorotation how-to
01:26:30 R/C Basics: Hover
01:27:00 aboutENGINES
Saito 90TS
01:35:00 modelSPORT Video Magazine
01:36:00 workBENCH
Hangar 9 J-3 Cub
01:58:00 newPRODUCTS
Neat stuff!
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upDraft: Fayetteville, NC's Piedmont Aeromodelers host an aero tow - a scale method for getting a glider to altitude! See a giant scale 3W-powered Wilga effortlessly tow a 25 lb. Duo & other scale gliders!

Glider being towed aloft

workBENCH: Have you ever wanted to learn more about spray painting? Learn a few tips and tricks as Perfect Paint is thinned and sprayed over a fabric repair. Also, more on the 138" B-17 retracts!
Spraying Perfect Paint

workBENCH: Sullivan's Genesys is an onboard, voltage-regulated alternator for your models! Fly at night - without heavy batteries or one-time use chemical sticks. Neat!

workBENCH: Not for the weak of heart, CSD's 1/2A electric pylon racer, the S400RACE, has won the US Nationals event 3 years running!

ROT8: Autorotations are how helicopters glide to a landing when the engine isn't running. Learn how!

Transmitter shot during autorotation

aboutENGINES: Saito's FA-90TS 4-stroke flat-twin masterpiece is designed for 60-90 size models. While the gloss-black, chrome, and aluminum are a treat to your eyes, the sound is what this engine is about.

workBENCH: At 80", Hangar 9's IMAA-legal J-3 Piper Cub is a convenient-size model, and powered by Saito's realistic-sounding twin, is a perfect touch and go machine!

newPRODUCTS: We present some neat new stuff.

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