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00:02:00 flightLINE
Southwest Classic
00:16:00 workBENCH
Whisper 1400 EP
00:39:30 aboutENGINES
Sport Jett 120
00:54:30 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
How-to make vacuum-form parts
01:02:30 ROT8
Mikado Logo 20 - Electric
01:34:30 workBENCH
Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 40 and Saito 72
01:41:00 talkRADIO
JR XP8103 - How-to program a 4-servo wing
02:03:30 newPRODUCTS
- Pacer Z-7
- i4C Products
- Hitec Eclipse 7
- GWS Flight pack
- Futaba GY401
- Radio Shack 12V DC Adapter
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flightLINE: Our camera crew takes us to Queen Creek, Arizona for the Southwest Classic. Meet World-class pilots like Joe Wurts and Skip Miller. Gain insight as you see superb electric-winch towed gliders in action! workBENCH: A delight to fly, and perfect for beginner and expert alike. Ace's Whisper 1400 EP is a grest flying 400-class electric motor-glider.
aboutENGINES: What goes into making the world's hottest production 2-stroke 120? We feature an inside look at the awesome American-made limited production Sport Jett 120.

Tips, Tricks, & Secrets: One of the secrets to scratch building a model involves vacuum forming canopies and other parts. We show you how! ROT8: We review Mikado's superb 46-sizd 24-cell electric helicopter, the Logo 20. This state-of-the-art model achieves 9-minute flights and features conventional set-up or 3-servo CCPM!

workBENCH: Suitable as a 2nd R/C model - or for the expert looking for fun, Hangar 9's Ultra Stick 40 tail-dragger ARF features a 2- or 4-servo wing! We power her with Saito's 72 - what a blast!
talkRADIO: At last, an easy to follow how-to on programming JR's XP8103 for 4-servp wings - flaps, crow, & more!
newPRODUCTS: Pacer Z-7, i4C Products, Hitech Eclipse 7 with Spectra Module, and other must have stuff!

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