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00:02:00 flightLINE
F-15 & P-82
00:15:30 innerVIEW
International Model & Hobby Show
00:36:30 Tips
- Fiberglass Repair
- Robart struts for Ryan STA
00:59:00 ROT8
Wiring harness tips
01:10:30 aboutENGINES
YS FZ 63
01:26:30 workBENCH
Rambler 45
01:41:00 talkRADIO
Eclipse 7
02:03:30 newPRODUCTS
- Goebel Custom Dash 1/3 scale Pitts panel
- Hitec CG-340 field charger
- Jersey Modeler Fuel Systems
- Model Graphic pilot & vinyl graphics for Pitts
- Parkflyers.com FOAM
- PSP Mfg Fuel Caps
- Stan's Fiber Tech epoxyglass cowls
- Aspect Aviation Li'l Bubba
- Du-Bro Trans caddy
- Pica Waco YMF-3
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flightLINE: Turbine jets are a blast, and Jose Travieso's hot F-15 Eagle is a treat. Next, it's Mark Smith's banshee-like P-82 Twin Mustang powered by a pair of screaming .45s! innerVIEW: Caution! This sneak peek at some hot new products from the International Model and Hobby Show will make you break out the checkbook!

Tips, Tricks, & Secrets: Repairing fiberglass parts like wheelpants can be tricky - we show you how. Install a set of Robart's classy oleo-action struts. ROT8: Messy wiring harness on your helicopter? These tips will have your machine looking like a pro's!

aboutENGINES: Featuring the fuel-injected FZ .63, this inside look at how YS supercharged engines differ from conventional 4-stroke engines will make you a believer in serious horsepower!
workBENCH: World Models' superb Rambler 45 comes with pre-installed retractable landing gear! This sweet flying aircraft turns heads at the field!
talkRADIO: Would you like to use one transmitter to control several models - even if they're on different frequencies . . . or from competing manufacturers? Now you can with Hitec-RCD's innovative Eclipse 7.
newPRODUCTS: Jersey Modeler, Hitec-RCD, Du-Bro, Model-Graphics, Goebel Dashes and Stan's Fiber Tech

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