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00:02:30 flightLINE
Tropical R/C Fun-Fly
00:18:00 workBENCH
World Models Zen 120
00:46:30 aboutENGINES
Saito FA-180
01:20:00 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
Servo Gears & Pull-Pull Cables
01:36:00 ROT8
Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 Version 2
01:54:30 workBENCH
GWS Tiger Moth
02:00:30 talkRADIO
Ikarus easyFly
02:03:30 newPRODUCTS
- Du-Bro Mini E/Z Connectors
- Du-Bro Glo Caddy
- Du-Bro In-Line Fuel Filters
- Sullivan's billet aluminum fuel tank caps
- Castle Creations Pixie-7P speed control
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flightLINE: Our camera crew takes us to Costa Rica's Tropical R/C Fun-Fly where Quique Somenzini is having fun flying his new Excellence FAI-class pattern ship. But this is no ordinary flight as he performs incredible freesytle aerobatics to music. Then, always a gentleman, he teaches us how to perform the awesome knife-edge spin!

The Excellence in a hover

workBENCH: Graceful and flowing aerobatics are hallmarks of a pattern model and World Models' Zen 120 is a superb FAI-class example! While you could spend months building such a model, there's no need - she's an ARF!
aboutENGINES: By removing the displacement limits from competition aircraft, the rule-makers unleashed a King Kong of torque on unsuspecting modelers - Saito's FA-180. We strip this monster down and show you what to look out for when reassembling it!
Tips, Tricks, & Secrets: A crash wipes out a servo's gears - no problem, we show you how to fix them. Also, tips on how to set-up pull-pull cables!
The Raptor in flight

ROT8: We review Thunder Tiger's awesome Raptor 60 Version 2, a 3D tour de force by Mr. Shigetada Taya.
workBENCH: We look at a nifty scale park flyer, GWS's Tiger Moth, and the equipment it takes to succeed - it's fun!
talkRADIO: At last, an inexpensive 3D-graphics flight simulator that won't break the bank - Ikarus's easyFly!
newPRODUCTS: Du-Bro's Mini E/Z connectors, Glo Caddy, & In-Line Fuel Filters and Sullivan's billet aluminum fuel tank caps. Also from Castle Creations the tiny Pixie-7P speed control!

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