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00:02:30 workBENCH
Falcon Trading's Jupiter, 3-color spray job ,part 1
00:40:00 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
Smoke System, split wing, STIKA vinyl cutting machine
00:44:00 upDRAFT
Foam 51 wing, part 6
01:09:00 ROT8
robbe Millennium 60 linkage setup, Futaba GV-1 install, & Bob Johnston, part 3
01:23:30 workBENCH
Cessna 182 Skylane, power plant, part 4
01:51:00 workBENCH
Robart F-16, viewers send flight video, part 2
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workBENCH With beautiful swoopy lines, Falcon's Jupiter begs for more than decals. We detail the steps for applying a 3-color spray paint job beginning with a primer, then progressing to a base coat. This is followed by two trim colors. But the secret is in the masking, and we show the little tips that differentiate the expert's from the run-of-the-mill. It's easy!

painting the Jupiter
Tips, Tricks, & Secrets Use Stika's vinyl cutting machine to make easy graphics, inside smoke systems, and other neat tricks.

upDRAFT To survive combat, properly strapping the wing is a crucial step; DAW's P-51 wing.

ROT8 A simple jig eases the task of setting up the linkages of robbe's Millennium 60, we also install Futaba's GV-1 governor and Euro 3-D champ Bob Johnston, tears up the skies of Germany with his favorite helicopter!
workBENCH Picking a power source for Hangar Nine's awesome Cessna 182 and soldering and installing RAM's Simple R/C Switch to control the lights from your transmitter. (

workBENCH Robart's F-16 converts into an awesome 2-channel pocket rocket, some viewers send video of their efforts!

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