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00:02:20 workBENCH
Falcon Trading's Jupiter ARF, pull-pull rudder, flapperons, and flight, part 2
00:29:10 innerVIEW
Travel to Chicago's National Model and Hobby Show
01:13:30 flightLINE
Costa Rica Fun-Fly, TOC winner, Quique Somenzini, and his ultra-high risk flying
01:33:00 workBENCH
Cessna 182 Skylane ARF, tint windows, part 5
01:40:00 ROT8
CSM ICG360 gyro, Futaba 8U Super, and Millennium at the field
01:52:00 workBENCH
Planning and outfitting a modeling workshop
01:58:00 newPRODUCTS
Neat stuff!
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workBENCH: Engineered of ABS plastic, our cover story features Falcon Trading's unconventional Jupiter 40-class model. Then, using Futaba's 8U Super, we set it up for flapperons! Distinct and perhaps the most unique model we've ever seen, we power it with a K&B .48 and take it to the field . . . where it proves to be a hardy and good flying model.

the Piccolo
innerVIEW: Where do dealers go to see the new stuff? Visit Chicago's National Model and Hobby Show! Featuring the world's most prominent R/C manufacturers, this may well be America's largest model trade event and our cameras bring you the inside story on prototypes and new products . . . it's like being there!
hovering airplane
flightLINE: What's it like to travel to a foreign country and encounter the best in the World? TOC-Champ Quique Somenzini demonstrates his in-your-face trademark flight at the Costa Rica Fun-Fly - awesome!(Learn more.)

workBENCH: We spray tint the windows of Hangar 9's superb Cessna 182 Skylane ARF model. (more)

ROT8: Featuring CSM's awesome ICG360 Heading Lock piezo gyro and robbe's Millennium 60-class superstar, we set it up for Futaba's 8U Super and take it to the field.

workBENCH: We begin to outfit our new workshop with essentials!

newPRODUCTS: We present some neat new stuff.

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