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00:02:30 aboutENGINES
Thunder Tiger PRO-36H
00:22:00 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
00:28:00 ROT8
Shuttle Set-Up
00:46:00 upDRAFT
DAW Foam 51-D, part 1
00:55:30 flightLINE
Queque Somenzini
01:03:00 innerVIEW
Costa Rica Fun Fly
01:18:00 workBENCH
PT-40, part 3
01:46:30 workBENCH
DC-3 part 2
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aboutENGINES: No substitute for cubic inches! Thunder Tiger's PRO-36H up close!

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets: A handful of ideas for making your modeling easier! Save!


workBENCH: Hinging and linkages on the 5-servo wing; along with ailerons and flaps, & installing K&B .28 engines & fuel system in AMW/Kyosho's fiberglass-fuse, brilliantly executed twin-engine DC-3 model!

ROT8: Featuring Hirobo's Shuttle and Futaba's analog 6XH radio. Step through the how and why of a helicopter's radio & linkage setup as you discover helicopters are easy!


flightLINE: Arguably the best in the World . . . join the flightline with TOC-Champion Quique Somenzini as he does incredible things at the Costa Rica Fun-Fly IMPOSSIBLE!

upDRAFT: For experts only? Not! Learn techniques of working with the new composite material EPP foam in part 1 of Dave's Aircraft Works nearly indestructible combat slope soarer, the Foam P-51D.

workBENCH: New to R/C? Part 3 completes basic construction of a balsa PT-40 high-wing trainer kit.

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