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00:02:00 aboutENGINES
K & B .28
00:19:30 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
00:26:45 airTIME
Double Tree Float-Fly
00:33:15 workBENCH
00:37:45 workBENCH
Kyosho DC-3, part 1
01:02:15 ROT8
Century Hawk II, part 2
01:43:30 workBENCH
GP PT-40, part 2
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aboutENGINES: It's offered for less than 50 bucks . . . are they for real? In this issue we disassemble and examine K&B's .28 Sportster engine so you can decide for yourself.

Sportster Parts

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets: A crash leaves your plastic cowl with a hole in it . . . time for a new one? Nah, it's an easy repair. Also in this issue, softmount installation for giant scale models, tinting epoxy, and a super sandpaper-organizer tip! These and more! Why take years to learn what the pros know?

airTIME: R/C float flying models at the DoubleTree Float Fly don't just look like fun . . . they're a blast!

Float Plane

workBENCH: We whet your appetite, now build yourself a set of Goldberg's Super Floats, it's easy!

workBENCH: Does your heart leap when you think of scale models? Do twins turn you on? In this issue, we prep the glass fuselage of AMW/Kyosho's gorgeous ARF DC-3.

ROT8: Part 2 of Century's Hawk II chopper! We finish basic assembly.

workBENCH: New to R/C? We build the wings of the Great Planes' PT-40 R/C trainer.

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