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Free shipping and handling! Sort of . . . you can save the shipping and handling if you ask your local dealer to stock modelSPORT magazine for you (and your friends). The margins are similar to conventional-print magazines, and sealed issues carry an unlimited return privilege, so your local dealer will likely be receptive to giving them a try.

If we work together, it's pretty easy to convince them . . . especially since customers storming the door demanding a product carries just a wee bit more weight than my unsolicited business offer . . . I can't imagine why :>)

Give me their name and e-mail (especially important as these aren't big money items), their address, phone number (yada, yada . . . you know the routine), and I'll contact them. You can start the ball rolling on your end if you just print out the letter below, and give it to them. Meanwhile, I'll follow up and contact them . . . and they'll know what it's all about!

Send me an e-mail and we'll work together to contact them.
(Print this letter and give it to your local hobby dealer)
Dear Hobby Dealer,

Since childhood, show-and-tell has been the most enduring tool in the transfer of knowledge and experience. As a VHS video-magazine, modelSPORT magazine updates the paradigm!

Each new feature length issue arrives at your store bi-monthly, and are absolutely jam-packed with interesting news and information about the sport of R/C modeling. Created for the diverse interests of R/C modelers, and composed of regular segments . . . like aboutENGINES, where modelers have recently enjoyed troubleshooting giant-scale diaphragm carburetors, and how-to adjust the valves of 4-stroke engines. Adding scale details to popular ARF models, like Hangar 9's Cessna 182 Skylane, are topics within workBENCH. These segments often detail how-to install accessories like RAM's landing lights, and Robart's oleo action nose gear struts; and modeling techniques too, like how-to modify the wing to add scale flaps! Helicopter enthusiasts aren't neglected either, as ROT8 addresses beginner's issues, like how to set up a Hirobo Shuttle. Expert 3D aerobatics setup, using hot-rod 60 size machines like robbe's Millennium, are for your more advanced hobbyists. We also show events, like the Costa Rica Fun-Fly featuring TOC Champ Quique Somenzini, the IRCHA Jamboree featuring World Champ Curtis Youngblood, and other flying events, like the Jet World Masters from Swindon, England, and the Joe Nall Fly-In. There are also special events like the Toledo Expo!
talkRADIO features how-tos that appeal to those wanting to know more about the new breed of computer radios. De-mystifying modeling topics is the forte of Tips, tricks, and secrets, where modelers enjoy how-tos on using an airbrush, or simple preventive techniques like bubbling a fuel tank to check for leaks, through how-to perform a range test, or using epoxy primers. Customers love them.

But don't take our word for it, your peers have said . . .

"I use them all day long in the store and the guys actually gather in clusters in front of the screen. They use them at their club meetings as well. For me, sure it's not the buck I make, but it's wetting their appetite, getting them excited, and yes, I'm selling them items you're showing them. Like the Cessna 182, one guy bought the video, watched it, and came back to order it. It's getting them to come over more often, and of course once they're here, they buy !!"
- Jeanne Tubman, Pinnacle Hobby Shop, Sault, MI (906) 632-9612

"The tape sales have far exceeded our expectations, we are completely out of the last 30 you sent! Please send 20 more of each back issue ASAP. Double our standing orders again, to 40."
- Mike Darnell, Mike's Hobby Shop, Carrollton, TX (972) 242-4930

"While I was talking to you yesterday, a customer was watching 0203 and saw item on gas carb. and bought a copy. Another customer saw about the Robart gliders and bought a glider (just another in long line of happy customers since you started the article about the glider conversion) I could go on and on, but this was in the couple of minutes we were talking. Keep up the excellent work"
- Charles Downing, King R/C, King, NC (336) 983-3969

We know trying something new is always a difficult decision for a retailer, so as a prospective dealer, you'll be interested in knowing unopened issues have a no-time-limit return privilege . . . you can't lose!

We're also your partners in to bringing customers to you as your free store listing appears on . . .


. . . it's our online information resource. I thank you for the opportunity to do business.

John Beech - GM (and janitor)

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