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R/C Basics: Nitro - The Unauthorized T-Maxx Video
From secrets of breaking-in and tuning your engine, through trick parts to make your truck bullet-proof, to suspension set-up tips. For maximum performance - here's how to make your nitro powered monster truck fly!

1 hour 45 minutes, VHS, $19.99 (plus $3.95 S/H)

webnitro.asf - 392k, play a 120 second streaming-sample.
webnitr2.asf - a 1322k sample, for higher-speed internet connections.

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Nitro-powered R/C cars and trucks are a blast, but inexperience, a balky engine, or whimpy plastic parts can take all the fun out of it! While we use Traxxas' T-Maxx, the insider tips and tricks for making your T-Maxx haul can be applied to "any" nitro powered car or truck!

End the frustration!

From how to tune the engine . . . to how to adjust the 2-speed tranny, we show you how to really make it run right! That's not all - we also show trick billet-aluminum hop-up parts, suspension tips, tuned-pipe secrets, an earth-shakin' big-block conversion, and much more!

First up - the heart of your truck is the engine, but what if the engine doesn't want to start? How do you adjust it when it's not running right? We show how to get the Traxxas TRX15 engine going and to ensure long life, we show how to properly break it in. Learn to adjust the carburetor needles as we show the secrets of engine tuning! Then, tuned exhausts make more power, but they can be tricky - we show the inner workings of the fabulous CVEC variable exhaust timing tuned-pipe! Approached step-by-step, engine tuning is demystified!

Of course, when some is good, more is better as next we pull the original small-block engine and stuff a big-block - like an OS 15RX or 21RZ - in it's place! And it's into a stock-length chassis as Native racing's chassis conversion frees you from the limitating choices of other conversions. Why? Because you can use their incredible Pro Start 1100 and start the hot racing engines which aren't available in pull-start versions . . . hence, you gain flexibility and a ton of engine choices!

Next, once the engine's right, and just as you're having fun, flexible plastic parts start letting you down! Suspension arms break, shocks blow out, gears start stripping - and of course, horsepower is useless if you can't hook up. So, starting with the little tricks of how to glue tires, we show a cool selection of meaty rubber from the crew at Panther Tires - from racing slicks, to sand paddles, we show and explain which you'll need for your type of terrain! Of course trick billet-aluminum and titanium parts are items you'll want to make your truck bullet-proof. The folks from Rockhoundz and R/C Raven are called on for their latest . . . including awesome anodized-aluminum suspension arms, titanium skid plates, a polished aluminum chassis, and a trick titanium roll cage!

Have too much much fun and your pals will want part of the action - it's a law of nature! No problem - we visit a professional track for some hot racing action. But having just 6 amateurish AM-frequencies limits the fun, so we show how to upgrade to a professional FM system - Hitec's Lynx 3D. Not only is it equipped with the superb Spectra Module which lets you dial in any of the legal surface frequencies, we also show how it's features - like ABS braking, an Idle Up switch, and Exponential can help you get around the track faster! Then, servos aren't neglected as we show some killer metal-geared digital servos . . . for the ultimate in strength and precision handling!

To help ensure success, there's a review of tools, fuel, and field equipment - like the starter the pros use, batteries, and track-side charging!

Interspersed with tips and sage advice, you'll find engine set-up, racing, and jumping isn't as hard as it's made out to be. Before you know it, you'll be a pro too!

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