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". . . I'm so impressed with your video I'm even going to give you some free advertisement :-)"
Jerry Festa - Huntsville, AL

"I'm really looking forward to the next issue (MS 02 02) as I have decided to purchase the Hangar 9 Cessna 182 that you featured in 02 01. I'm not as daring to add the flaps, but it was quite interesting to see. What I'm really interested in is buying and adding the lights to this model as you indicated was coming up in the next issue."
- Layne Robinette, Layton, Utah

"It is the best video I have ever seen . . . I am now looking for the 2 earlier editions, and hope you keep doing this magazine for a long time."
- Ferrell Whetsell

"The TOC demonstration was incredible. Surprisingly, I also liked the helicopter setup despite the fact I've never cared for R/C helicopters . . . keep those videos coming."
- Marty Hammersmith, Lawrenceburg, IN

"I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your tapes . . . I think you have broken up a couple of happy homes with the missing crock pots."
- Ray Reizner, Chicago, IL

"This video is brilliant."
- Dennis Jones, London, England, UK

"I've have been enjoying watching it. What a great idea! It has a very enjoyable mix of model techniques and full-scale information."
-Dr. James DeLaurier, University of Toronto, Downsview, ON, Canada

"Fantastic job, a pro production all the way! I love it. Lots of really interesting and meaty content, even more than I expected. I sure hope you'll be doing lots more of these."
- Darryl Rubin, Redmond, WA

"I must say it is produced in a very professional manner. You do a good job explaining each subject. Keep up the good work."
- Ed Henry, creator of the Microhenry cartoons in Model Aviation magazine

"Love your video magazine. How can any RC model aviation media beat your value and price? Impossible! I was mesmerized for 2 full hours!"
- Ken Gutwin, Oceanside, New York

"I've been R/C flying for 24 years and still enjoy picking up new tips, etc. My "building time" is limited now so I'm enjoying ARFs more than ever. More "looksees" at ARFs would be terrific. Other than that, don't change a thing."
- Scott Colvin, Leonardtown, Maryland

"Love your magazine!!! Keep it up.
- Richard Brunner

"A lot of really good info . . . some good ideas on how to build better than I do now . . . anxious for the next issue."
- John Wall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Posted on rec.models.rc.air

Hi, I just thought I'd pass on my comments on ModelSPORT magazine. This is a new rc modeler magazine that comes as a 2 hour video. The price is unbelievable at $4.99 so I was a little skeptical how good it could be. Turns out it's great!

The tape is about 2 hours long and packed with info. Contents of the first issure were:

  1. A segment showing how to adjust engine valves.
  2. A short review of the Ambrosia RC simulator program.
  3. Demonstration of glider hand launch techniques.
  4. Construction of the rotor assembly of a ROT 8 heli kit
  5. Construction of the fuselage of a PT40 plane kit
  6. A "flight school" segment on the principles of flight
  7. Acrobatics footage of a Pirate 33% Extra 260
  8. Close up look at a real UH-60A military chopper and it's crew!
  9. Interview with one of the original Tuskegee airmen
  10. Various model building tips and tricks

The video production is slick and professionally done. They use multiple camera angles which really helps make the kit building segments easy to follow. I thought these segments were also well paced--detailed enough to be useful but not so overly detailed that it's a drag to watch. The narration is smooth, with good sound quality.

The only criticism I can think of is that the Ambrosia simulator review was too superficial to be that useful, so I couldn't get a good sense of the program's pluses and minuses. But everything else on the tape was really solid and well fleshed out. In terms of skill level, I'd say this first issue was mainly aimed at the beginning to intermediate modeler, although some stuff like the various tips and tricks, the acrobatics footage, and the interviews would probably appeal to anyone.

The video has a small number of short commercials for model shops and kit makers, less than five minutes out of the 2 hours of tape.

Overall I recommend this magazine very highly. There don't seem to be subscriptions, but it's apparently carried by a number of the larger model shops. I found out about it from an ad in a recent magazine (RCM if I recall correctly).

Darryl R. - Seattle, WA

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