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The sweet sound of Saito's FA-90TS effortlessly powering Hangar 9's J-3 Piper Cub delights. See why it's America's favorite aircraft - model or full-scale!
Jacksonville, NC
  The latest issue of modelSPORT is MS0304, and as always, the 2-hour long issues cost a mere $6.99. First up, in upDRAFT, Fayetteville's Piedmont Aeromodelers host an aero tow event. Aero towing is a scale method of carrying a glider aloft using another airplane - just like the real thing, it's amazing!

This is followed by a visit to a master-modeler as he shows how to spray-paint a fabric-repair with Perfect Paint. We learn to thin the paint and what pressure to use, even how-to adjust the spray gun. Also, check out the progress of installing Robart's massive scale-retracts into the giant 138" B-17 Flying Fortress!

Then, see Sullivan's incredible achievement - the Genesys In Flight Power System - it permits night flight without heavy batteries, or expensive one-time-use chemical sticks! Next, autorotations are how helicopters glide to a safe landing when the engine isn't running. They can be tricky - and a mistake can be costly! In ROT8, Jeff Ashe both demonstrates and explains how-to perform one.

On the workBENCH, and not for the weak of heart, is CSD's 1/2A electric pylon racer, the S400RACE. It's won the Nats event 3 years running and you'll see the insider's tricks to success in this venue - including Hitec RCD's HS-55 micro-servos, Schulze's slim18be miniature speed controller, and the Berg6 miniature receiver.

Next, in aboutENGINES, heads will to swivel to watch from the instant they hear Saito's FA-90TS fire up. The sweet sound of a boxer-configuration (flat-twin) 4-stroke is magical! Compact, powerful, and suitable for any 60-size aircraft - you're gonna want one!

Finally, on the workBENCH, it's our cover story - the plane everybody loves - Mr. Piper's J-3 Cub. We build the 80-inch wingspan IMAA-legal example by the folks at Hangar 9 - it's perhaps the perfect size! Then we improve it adding William Wallace's superb 4350-steel bungee-equipped articulating scale main gear . . . this may be the perfect touch-and-go machine!

MS0304 (two more images)

  Why take years to learn what the pros know? Each 2-hour long issue features a unique assortment of general and technical information about the sport of R/C modeling. Feature and "how-to" segments cover a diverse range of subjects including modeling techniques, R/C engines, radio programming, tips and tricks, flying and trade events, tools, construction, and new products. modelSPORT both entertains and educates - use it to show non-modelers the fun and diversity the sport has to offer!

Since childhood, show-and-tell has been the most enduring tool in the transfer of knowledge and experience. As a VHS video-magazine, modelSPORT updates the paradigm! Released every other month on VHS videotape, the feature length issues (2-hours long!) are composed of segments covering a wide variety of subjects. A 6-issue subscription is only $39.99, plus a one-time S&H of $6.95. Complete your collection, or build your personal library for the princely sum of just $6.99 per issue (plus $3.95 S&H, 50 each additional tape). Savvy modelers will save the shipping and handling if they get theirs from one of more than 400 local hobby shops! Visit for the dealer nearest you.

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