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modelSPORT issue MS0302 explores giant scale modeling tips, gasoline engine handling and set up, some awesome flight video, and an R/C helicopter for beginners!
Jacksonville, NC

Too much for your money? Well, let's not go too far, but volume 3, number 2 of modelSPORT video-magazine is a great example of value received. For just $6.99, this 2-hour long VHS video about the sport of R/C is packed with good stuff beginning with a review of Hangar 9's IMAA-legal PT-19. You don't have to be building this particular model to benefit from the neat tips and tricks though, they're applicable to any giant scale mofel. When John shows how to relocate servos from within the fuselage to under the horizontal stab (to aid in weight distribution and increase the rigidity of your linkages), he shares not just the how, but the why. You can apply the techniques to any model yourself, seeing how nice the PT-19 floats in for a landing leaves no doubt if the model is right for you! Gasoline powered giants are different from smaller glow-powered models, so aboutENGINES is perfect because it features Zenoah's petite gas-burner, the G-23. When combined with the Fairchild PT-19, they makes for an ideal introduction to giant scale! The whole tone of the project is one designed to convey what to look out for when transitioning from conventional 40-60 models, to giant scale models.

Then there's hotSHOTS featuring awesome coverage of a float fly and a giant scale event - where the incredible 6-engine Messerschmit Gigant 323 cover model is flown. There's even some neat in-flight video and a hot electric pylon racer! There are a few crashes too! There's something for everybody!

Interested in learning about R/C helicopters? ROT8 features Hirobo's Shuttle Challenge! With about 1 million Shuttle model helicopters produced, this may well be the world's best model with which to learn to fly and the sneak peek at the Enya 35X, and seeing what's involved in building the Shuttle, is all by itself worth the price of admission. With so much to offer, you owe it to yourself to get this issue - you're in for a treat! MS0302

Released every other month on VHS videotape, the feature length issues (2-hours long!) are composed of segments covering a wide variety of subjects. and MS0302 is a splendid example. The single issue price of $6.99 plus $3.95 S&H is simply amazing. However, while they're available direct, many can save S&H because they're available from over 400 dealers! If your hobby shop doesn't carry them, the crew at modelSPORT said to just let them know who to contact, and they'll make every effort to do so on your behalf. Also, 6-issue (1-year) subscriptions are available for just $39.99 and a 1-time $6.95 S&H. Call 910/938-3371, or visit for further details.

Since childhood, show-and-tell has been the most enduring tool in the transfer of knowledge and experience. As a VHS video-magazine, modelSPORT updates the paradigm! A 6-issue subscription is only $39.99, plus a one-time S&H of $6.95. Complete your collection, or build your personal library for the princely sum of just $6.99 per issue (plus $3.95 S&H, 50 each additional tape). Savvy modelers will save the shipping and handling if they get theirs from one of more than 225 local hobby shops! Visit for the dealer nearest you.

Why take years to learn what the pros know? Each 2-hour long issue features a unique assortment of general and technical information about the sport of R/C modeling. Feature and "how-to" segments cover a diverse range of subjects including modeling techniques, R/C engines, radio programming, tips and tricks, flying and trade events, tools, construction, and new products. modelSPORT both entertains and educates - use it to show non-modelers the fun and diversity the sport has to offer!

modelSPORT Video Magazine, 2-hr VHS video magazine, retail $6.99, ten issues available, most recent release is MS0302 (volume 3, number 2).

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