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Jacksonville, NC - January 2003

Dear friends,

      As we approach the end of our 5th year of production, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you for your support of the concept we call modelSPORT. We've had fun creating each and every issue. Unfortunately, health and business issues have put continued production at risk!
      On a personal note, as those who have called from the west coast know, I'm often working as late as 10PM or even midnight (we're on Eastern Time). I've been pulling 12-16 hour days since I started modelSPORT and it's taking a toll on both my family and my health.
      The upshot is my cardiologist says make substantive changes to my lifestyle, or risk an early death . . . he even mentioned stopping production of modelSPORT altogether! Toward that end, I'm now on a diet - and exercising. For a lazy fella who loves to eat, this isn't easy, but I am determined. I've dropped from 265 pounds to just under 250 . . . with 75 more to go!
      From a business standpoint, we've absorbed three postal rate-increases. Also, because modelSPORT is principally made of plastic, i.e. petroleum-based, we've been absorbing increased manufacturing costs too . . . increases similar to those we've all seen at the gas pump.
      We've also been offering 6-issue subscriptions in hopes of getting 6 issues out per year, but in light of the fact we've mostly been delivering 4 issues per year (excepting the 5 we got out our third year), we feel it's just more realistic to offer a 4-issue subscription plan. Because of the above mentioned health issues, there'll be no MS0504 issue, so the next issue will be MS0601.
      Finally, because our business model was crafted on 6 issues a year, it magnifies the problem of the cost increases we've been absorbing. Hence, it doesn't take a genius to figure out we either raise prices a bit, or cease production altogether. Thus, beginning January 1, 2003 issues of modelSPORT (on VHS) will be $7.99 each.

Best wishes,

  • Issue are just $7.99 on VHS tape, or $11.99 on DVD, plus $3.95 S&H (add 50 S&H each additional video).
  • 4-issue subscriptions are available for $31.95 on VHS tape, or $47.95 on DVD, plus a $6.95 S&H charge.

All major credit cards are accepted.

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