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modelSPORT wins coveted
2000 Videographer Award - Distinction
Jacksonville, NC - April 2000

In winning a 2000 Videographers Award, modelSPORT finds itself in the good company of familiar names like ABC News, MCI WorldCom, Nike, Paramount/Viacom, and the US Air Force News Agency! Sure, it's no Oscar, but it is a clear indication what you've been writing to tell us is shared by professionals in the communication industry.
When professionals notice us little guys, and reward us with a recognition of distinction, it makes us jump for joy! Yeah, it feels good and we thought you might like to know :>)
We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the many folks who've written with suggestions, kudos, and yes, even complaints and constructive criticism. Producing modelSPORT is a team effort, and the entire team promises to work harder this year to make modelSPORT even better.

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