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modelSPORT wins Communicator Award
Jacksonville, NC - January 1999

What does modelSPORT have in common with Ford Motor Company, Discovery Channel, and The Boeing Company? We are all winners of a Communicator Award. Granted, it's not an Emmy, but for an itty-bitty video production company like us, rubbing shoulders with these guys and winning an award, it's a big deal . . . and we're bursting with pride!
Of course, all along, you've been writing to tell us we're on the right track. However, when the big guys take notice . . . and reward us with professional recognition of communication excellence, this just adds frosting to the cake.
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many folks who've written with suggestions, kudos, and yes, even complaints and constructive criticism. Producing modelSPORT is a team effort, and the entire team promises to work harder this year to make modelSPORT even better.

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