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00:03:30 workBENCH
Priming the B-17
00:17:30 workBENCH
Laser 3-D
00:34:30 ROT8
Gary Wright and Logo 20
00:41:30 flightLINE
Southeast Electric Flight Festival
01:16:30 talkRADIO
JR 10SX - Flight Modes
01:19:30 aboutENGINES
3W50 Single
01:43:30 workBENCH
World Models Extra 300S
01:55:30 newPRODUCTS
Neat Stuff
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workBENCH: Getting close - Larry's Don Smith-based 138" wingspan B-17, modified to Coast Guard specifications, gets quad in-cowl exhausts - along with tips on the priming and detailing stage.
workBENCH: Donny Wright holds a beautiful hover for the cover-photo with Laser Models' neat Laser 3D. This nifty, sensibly-priced kit builds into an acrobat perfect for polishing your skills.
ROT8: Gary Wright's hot 3D routine featuring the Hacker-powered 20-cell Mikado Logo 20 is simply awesome!
flightLINE: Losing a field due to noise complaints? See models powerful enough to cope with real world weather at the Southeast Electric Flight Festival; south of Atlanta - mark your calendar!

3W 50 angled exhaust port

talkRADIO: JR's 10SX - flight modes
aboutENGINES: Sporting features like rear-induction and angled-exhaust, 3W's wicked 50cc single is no ordinary run-of-the-mill gasser! Form follows function - this sweetheart was bred for airplanes . . . not weed whackers!

Hobby Lobby's terrific F7F Tigercat

workBENCH: Loaded with scale details, and featuring plug-in wing and stab panels, World Model's exquisite 27% Extra 300S, in Patty Wagstaff markings, is an 81" IMAC-class scale aerobat . . . with attitude! Bonus - Adobe Acrobat templates for modifying the engine box.
newPRODUCTS: FunTec's foam Sky Scooter Pro II is perfect to leave in the trunk for spur-of-the-moment flights!

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