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00:03:00 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
Panel lines & weathering,
Futaba PA-1 Link

00:20:00 upDRAFT
Foam 51, part 3 Tail Feathers
00:30:00 hotSHOTS
Summer's End Quarter Scale Fly In
00:47:00 workBENCH
DC-3, part 4 lighting
01:21:00 workBENCH
Hangar 9 Cessna 182 Skylane ARF
01:41:00 aboutENGINES
Thunder Tiger .46H PRO & YS.Futaba 53FZ
01:47:00 ROT8
Century Hawk/Falcon Setup & Fly
01:52:00 newPRODUCTS
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In this issue, we build the decidedly different tail feathers of DAW's Foam P-51D combat slope soarer!

We also check out Futaba's PA-1 Pilot Assist Link, a device which by helping to stabilize the model lets you master R/C flight & solo more quickly! Awesome!


hotSHOTS features an X-1 rocket-dropping B-29 and a brief visit to the Summer's End Quarter Scale Fly-In for some giant scale action!

In ROT8 fine tune the setup of Futaba's 6XH at the field & fly Century's Falcon.

aboutENGINES features Thunder Tiger's honking 46H PRO ABC and YS.Futaba's supercharged 53FZ!


Learn secrets of using an airbrush as we create that professional looking weathered effect on an FW190.

Next we add nav and landing lights to our DC-3! Then, our cover story, as we add flaps to Hangar 9's hot new ARF Cessna 182 Skylane!

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