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modelSPORT magazine is a 2-hour long VHS video retailing for the princely sum of $7.99 on VHS tape and $11.99 on DVD.


  1. Can I get a subscription? Yes, a 4-issue subscription is $31.95 on VHS and $47.95 on DVD plus a one-time S&H fee of $6.45.
  2. Can I buy back issues? Sure, either ask your dealer to send us an e-mail adding the titles you want to their standing order, or back issues are available directly from us for $7.95 on VHS or $11.95 on DVD plus $3.45 S&H (add 50¢ S&H for each additional issue).
  3. I want a subscription ‘and’ some back issues, how much are the S&H charges? We’ll start your subscription with the current issue (as in #1 above), and deliver your back issues at the same time for an additional 50¢ S&H per issue.
  4. Do you take credit cards? Sure, or just drop a check in the mail to: modelSPORT magazine, P.O. Box 12557, Jacksonville, NC 28546
  5. My local hobby shop doesn't carry modelSPORT magazine, what can I do? Here's where you can help! Tell us who they are and we'll contact them. The fact one of their customers wants modelSPORT magazine means they’ll consider becoming a dealer. If your local hobby shop agrees to stock them, this means issues can be in their store in just a few days! An e-mail to referral@modelsport.com or a call to us at (910) 938-3371 will get the ball rolling.
  6. My local hobby shop doesn't want to carry videos, what can I do? This one is easy to understand. Put yourself in their place . . . over the years, perhaps they’ve found videos priced between $19.99 to $34.99 haven’t sold too well. However, modelSPORT magazine is a new phenomenon in R/C modeling television because of their feature length and reasonable price. Here are a couple of things to point out.

  7. I don't have a hobby shop near me, what can I do? A handful of mail order R/C hobby dealers handle modelSPORT magazine, or you can buy direct from us.
  8. Can I have an issue delivered using next-day service? Yes, anything is possible; in fact if you have deep enough pockets . . . we’re even willing to dispatch John to fly in and deliver them personally!
  9. Why don't you show more of what I want to see? Now we're getting somewhere! We know if we don't fulfill your wants, somebody else will. comments@modelsport.com is your insider connection to the producers . . . tell us what you want!

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